When I was young I used to watch a cartoon called Hector’s House, it was about a big dog with droopy ears and effectively the hook line was that Hector never forgets anything. It is funny watching it back as he used to live with two ladies one was a cat and the other was a frog. At the end of each show he would say what mood he was in for example I am a big old forgetful Hector.

Now, I suspect that you are thinking what on earth has Hector’s House got to do with Busmark, well not a lot except to say that if you had said to me that 15 months after Busmark started that we would have attracted 51 members and a combined fleet of 20,500 vehicles then I would have said to you that I am a big old cynical Hector. But the truth is that is exactly what Busmark has done, it has proved that there was a clear demand for this bench marking club.

To put this in perspective if you add up all the vehicles operated by the big five transport groups (First Bus, Stagecoach, Arriva, Go Ahead, National Express) then add in all the members of ALBUM and then the remaining 9 municipal Bus Companies, which is what I did recently then there total number of vehicles  is 32,000. It is apparent then that Busmark has attracted a good percentage of the UK Bus and Coach market.

By any criteria this is a great success story and credit is due to the steering committee Adrian DeCourcey the Chair, Martjin Gilbert, John Carr, Chris Ruanne, Alex Perry, Richard Hall and Busmark coordinator Graham Sheen. This team has managed over the last four years to take a controversial idea and make it a valuable part of the UK Bus landscape. I wonder what Hector would have said? How about …”Well I am a well chuffed and delighted old Hector.” Goodnight boys and girls…