Ticket Machines

Bus Ticket Machine

uTrack can work with a wide range of suppliers from a variety of backgrounds, and are completely hardware-independent, which was our choice from day one. From fuel savings technologies to CCTV systems, so long as a GPS signal can be received we can work with it. By far and away the most comprehensive platform for multiple systems is the ticket machine.



 Some Requirements Include:


Driver/Vehicle Duty

The uTrack Planning Module stores all timetables, running boards and duties, so when a ticket machine is used to provide the source of GPS the Driver Duty should also be provided to generate the Real-Time feed. Alternatively, uTrack can provide a dispatching module, but this is primarily used for legacy systems or when Driver Apps are used.



GPRS or Alternative

To provide uTrack using a Ticket Machine requires a mechanism to broadcast live data that traditionally is done via GPRS (via Mobile Network), but can also be connected via an existing unit that has a data connection (GPS, WIFI, CCTV etc). With legacy systems radio can also be used, but it’s less common.



Source of GPS

Modern ticket machines will generally include/support the option of a GPS module that can provide the source of GPS, but it may require an external aerial, depending on the vehicle type and area that it operates. Like with the data connection, if an existing unit already has GPS this can be used instead.


Explore other Technical Requirements:

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