Stop Information

Bus Stop Information

Access to accurate stop information is a key requirement for the uTrack system. We start with the NaPTAN database and then validate the accuracy of the latitudes/longitudes. Our next step is to add layers of information about the stops using third-party sources of geo-location data so that local names and more accurate names can be added.

Often the official name of a stop is not recognised by the Passenger, so uTrack can provide alternatives where required.


Some Requirements Include:


Unique Identifier

Every stop needs a unique identifier, which can be anything from an internal ID system to a NaPTAN Stop Number. Associations with internal systems can be added to the uTrack system for collaboration across the business, which helps not only to deliver the uTrack solution, but also opens opportunities for advanced integrations with other software solutions.



Stop Sequence

The running order of stops on a service, along with a service variation basis, is required to ensure that when uTrack learns the routes the variations between stops are correct. If a service misses a stop or runs out of sequence for a particular reason the uTrack Engine can discount this route variation as an anomaly when required.



Stop Locations

Correct stop locations, typically in latitude/longitude format, or in older data such as Northings/Eastings, is critical to the accuracy of the uTrack system. Stops in the wrong locations, or the need for adjustments for periods of time, need to be identified and adjusted accordingly.




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