Bus Service Timetables

uTrack gathers timetable data through a range of mechanisms – from manual entry into our planning module or, ideally, by importing data from a range of industry standard (ATCO CIF, TransXChange, GTFS etc) and not so standard formats (Excel, Access, etc.).

Once imported a comprehensive list of journeys are created where running boards/duties or diagrams can be applied to assign logical groupings of the data. This validation process helps to identify inaccuracies in the stop data.



Requirements Include:


Timetable Import

The timetable data imported into the uTrack Planning Module needs the stop sequence and a valid date range.



Running Boards

Providing logical groupings of journeys or a diagram helps the uTrack Engine identify vehicles when there are errors in ticket machine data or when ticket machine integration is not viable.



Driver Duties (Optional)

Depending on the enabled features of your uTrack system and/or the availability of scheduling data from your back-office system, Driver Duties maybe required for the Driver App solution.




Explore the Technical Requirements:

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