GPS Data

Bus GPS Data

One of the key requirements for uTrack to function is the availability of GPS data, and certain methods of gathering that data should be taken into account in order to maximise the performance of our systems.

One point is that the frequency with which a vehicle needs to broadcast its location is relative to the type of service that needs to be monitored.

For example, a high-frequency bus service with lots of adjacent stops typically requires a 15-20 second broadcast-rate, whereas a less frequent service should broadcast around every 30-45 seconds.

The accuracy of GPS data is also extremely important to the success of the system to ensure this we receive every thirty seconds and process through the unique uTrack cloud-based process to ensure that we get accurate and consistent pin-point information. This allows for the exact location to be compared to its scheduled time and is updated continuously. The GPS data is also stored historically so that we can investigate any eventuality with confidence that the data is completely trustworthy. This facility has already proved to be of immense value to bus operators.



GPS Performance Analysis



uTrack monitors closely the equipment used to provide GPS data. As a hardware-independent solution, we have a lot experience working with different solutions such as Fuel Management, Driver Behavior, Vehicle Diagnostics, WiFi, Ticket Machines, Alcohol Interlocks and more – so we know what to expect!


Some Requirements Include:


Live GPS Data

Vehicles should broadcast their locations in real-time in order to ensure the optimum deployment of our services.



Frequency of Broadcast

To calculate as accurately possible for reports and real-time, the quality of the location information has a significant impact on the performance of uTrack. Typically, external aerials and dedicated GPS units provide the best results because they have firmware that adjusts the location calculations prior to broadcast.



GPS Accuracy

Depending on the enabled features of your uTrack system and/or the availability of scheduling data from your back-office system, Driver Duties may be required for the Driver App solution.



Explore other Technical Requirements:

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