If there is one thing that I have learned in my life, it is this, people are what matter, and how you relate to them either makes your world a good place or a bad place. I have been lucky in my time to always see the world and the people in it through rose-tinted spectacles as they say. Sadly I know a few people and they are in the minority  who only seem to get any pleasure out of causing stress and misery to others.

You can normally tell them apart from the majority of decent folk by the long faces and sense of bitterness that they drag along behind them like a comfort blanket that a young child would have. Except that these unhappy souls bring neither comfort nor reassurance, indeed they covey the polar opposite. Therefore, it is very gratifying to come across stories where good people have been identified and quite rightly rewarded.

So,come on down a bus driver from the good old Black Country in fact from Stourbridge right on my door step who recently won a National Award at the highly prestigious UK National Transport Awards held at the wonderful Westminster Plaza  hotel located literally in the shadow of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Driver Dave Gerrard has spent his career as a bus driver, in fact for over 50 years of his 72 he has been driving passengers around on his bus, not only doing his job but also raising in excess of £32,000 over the years for varied good causes by telling jokes.

I think that is great and I am delighted to see that he beat off stiff and worthy opposition to be crowned as the best bus driver in the Front line Employee of the Year. For this good and humble man this award meant a great deal to him, and so it should. He commented that his only regret was that his parents were not around to see him honored. They would have been very rightly proud of him as we his local customers are, so well done Dave you are a credit to your Company, your community, and your nation. Well done Fella.