I have been vocal in my criticism of the decision taken by the people of the United Kingdom on June 23rd to leave the EU. I have always believed that together we are a  stronger, safer, community in Europe if we are united by common goals and values, built upon a stable and peaceful Europe that has not seen a single conflict for over 70 years. Truly I am dismayed to witness what happened today when the President of the EU reluctantly accepted that Article 49 had been invoked and the clock had started ticking for the two-year withdrawal process to begin.

As I sat there and watched respected politicians from all parties unite in their collective pain about what exactly this action mean’s both literally and symbolically. I was drawn to conclude that some how or other a madness had descended on this once great nation that  now found us, of all people, leading the charge for independence and therefore isolation, because be under no illusion that is what happen.

What I find most distressing is the fact that nation has always stood for inclusion for all, it is built upon such principles and has fought tyrants and dictators, no matter what the odds and always prevailed. But, today that tradition was stopped dead in its tracks. Sir Winston Churchill must be spinning  in his grave right now at what he and I have just witnessed.

People say that Remainers like me are just sore losers well maybe I am but I still represent 48% of this great nation and I feel entitled to air my views and indeed I will irrespective of the criticism from those with different views. My views are also because of the fact that I have two EU Companies and I have seen and heard what members of the EU think about the UK decision. It is with genuine sadness that they are watching us of all people implode. Today marks a sad chapter in the life of this once Great Britain, things will not be the same again,