If the truth be told I never really knew exactly what the ides actually are , other than according to the Bard himself you have to be careful of them. So I did the decent thing and I went to the font of all modern knowledge none other than Wikipedia.

Basically it told me that the ides was actually a date and to be more specific the 15th of the month. Within the context of Shakespeare’s Julius Ceaser play, the ides of march the reference is related to a prediction from a soothsayer that the emperor¬†would be assassinated .

So i hear you say what has that got to do with the UK Bus Industry, well sadly rather more than you might think. The reason being that the UK Bus industry is facing some serious challenges as a number of serious risks have been identified that could impact very badly on the future of the Bus industry.

The excellent report published by professor David Begg where he highlighted the increasing danger of congestion which he described as strangling the Bus industry a good example is Glasgow where the average time over the last ten years has actually doubled. Therefore it is really not surprising that less people are using buses, in addition other factors such as increased car ownership are also impacting on the future of the bus industry.

We are I believe duty bound to unite and lobby for the future of the bus, we have a moral responsibility to safe guard the weak and vulnerable who need public transport . After all we all got old and the bus is often the only lifeline left to keep people mobile. So I would urge you to raise your voices and defend the bus before it is too late.