Benefits for Transport Companies

Using the latest technology uTrack have built a proven software platform for Transport Companies to grow ridership and run a more efficient business. Every stop on every journey is monitored and scored “uTrack Score” using the uTrack Engine that generate predicted arrival time for any location or service.


Passenger Growth


The core of any business is sustained growth and uTrack provides good Managers with the data that they need for long-term loyalty on services.

Getting the routes reliable increases confidence with regular passengers and gathers momentum through word of mouth that encourages more people to use the service.

The second step is making the data available internally for operational staff to be more proactive with issues and for customer service staff to be more efficient when dealing with customer complaints.

The final step is pushing accurate information to Passengers using the latest Web, Mobile and Social technologies uTrack provide each Passenger with a personalized experience of public transport. 

Accountability creates better Operations


The accurate data generated helps you understand your business, your market and implement strategies that give your Business a competitive edge.

When you know your drivers perform, know exactly how your services operated and have tools to amend timetables to reflect real-world performance data uTrack will revolutionize how you operate.

At every level you have the knowledge to give you the lead and take the better options.



Improve Timetables and Schedules


To maximize resources, routes need to be as deliverable as possible. It is all about getting the Vehicles out, the money in and the best way to do that is quite simply is to plan both Vehicle and Driver efficiently.

Not understanding your timetables and schedules or working with anecdotal evidence is not a good platform to make informed decisions.

The uTrack reports will give complete and historic records of how each route performs, it very soon highlights where the timetable bears no relation at all to the actual performance of the bus so leaving passengers confused.


Better Customer Service


 Live service status data combined with the latest customer facing tools for Passengers will transform your Customer Service department. 

uTrack provides your Customer Service staff with tools to automate the communication of tailored messages on disruptions to services to passengers based on their travel preferences.

So rather than just updating a status page on a website, customer service teams can send messages directly to Passengers most affected by the issue.


Higher Standard of Drivers


As well as tracking schedule adherence on a service and a stop basis, uTrack track the performance of drivers using the “uTrack Score” algorithm. The score has adjustable metrics that are tailored on a per client basis based on available data feeds. The core metric relates to punctuality on departure, arrival and loading times.

The uTrack Score provides managers an accurate quality gauge of drivers, identifies problems quickly and provides detailed evidence of best and worst practices.



Customer Profiling and Insight, get to know your customers





uTrack’s customer facing tools like our website widgets or mobile apps provide a wealth of information on how Customers use public transport.

Combining social media data, analytics data and open data uTrack builds profiles of Passengers similar to Facebook to better tailor their experience.

Decisions on frequency of services, location of stops, alterations to routes and timetables can be impacted based on uTrack’s Business Intelligence (BI) tools.


Improve Reputation with Passengers


 uTrack can provide the ability to track all Customer feedback both direct channels such as Web and Email to indirect channels such as  Facebook and Twitter. Connect 1-to-1 with Passengers as well as identify their influence by follower/friends and level of engagement with social media. Comments, Likes, Tweets, Retweets about your business provide real insight into “Passenger Sentiment” and brand perception.

Increase Passenger Loyalty by monitoring your reputation across the web, mobile and social channels. 


Less Customer Complaints

More on time departures, reductions in early running and generally better levels of service come from using uTrack that in turn brings a reduction in punctuality complaints by monitoring and timetable optimisation. An increased level of professionalism comes from the accountability of the data and the accuracy of the real-time information shared with Customers.
Resolution times will be reduced when complaints do occur as your Customer Service staff will have access to the right information within uTrack to resolve issues related to delays in service and the vehicle and/or driver details to investigate incidents.


Leverage Social Media


Social Media is the next communication platform and uTrack has the tools to monitor conversations about your business and engagement with your brand. Passenger Sentiment™ is next wave of tracking the perception your customers have about your transport network and your brand. Identifying negative conversations and the scale of reach helps track potential issues that may need to be resolved from vehicle cleanliness to unprofessional drivers and poor service levels.

Social Media can instant and viral so the real-time monitoring gives uTrack Customers the best opportunity to leverage the positives and reduce the impact of negative comments with rapid responses.

Segment your message to targeted audiences will significantly improve the effect of your social media presence.


 Get the right message across the right social channel with uTrack


Reduce Operating Cost


 Efficiencies across your entire business happens with uTrack thanks to better decisions on good information. Operations have the tools to run smoother, Customer Service close issues faster, Drivers are more reliable, Planners can reduce the level of redundancy with spare vehicles due to better scheduling based on real world data and Marketing can run more effective campaigns with Passenger profiling data.

uTrack helps automate traditional manual paper based processes and reduces the level of communication needed across you business by integrating data into existing systems.



Multimodal Support


Joined up thinking is a core part of the business support that uTrack offer clients, in particular the ability to cross-different platforms for transport users. This can be through ensuring that passengers can plan their journeys holistically, a good example is passengers using National Express coaches having got off in Worcester are able to access local bus real time by using the uTrack journey planner.

Accessing information on every mode of public transport in one place makes public transport more accessible to all Passengers.




Cross Platform Access


 uTrack is a cloud based system and therefore accessible via Web Browsers, Mobile Devices and via integrations with existing applications through the use of API’s. A key requirement of uTrack was to be as hardware and platform agnostic to cater for the broadest scope of requirements. We’ve worked and work with the leading suppliers to the passenger transport industry so our experience is 2nd to none when working with different technologies.

Accessing uTrack is also flexible working with all major web browsers and tries to compliment existing IT department strategies to map workflows/business processes as well as provide a robust support service.



Based in Cloud


uTrack is a hosted service that’s run on a custom infrastructure built for scalability and performance. Supporting the volume of data and usage spikes are part of the unique uTrack solution that avoids our Clients having to invest in expensive Servers that become obsolete quickly.

The demand for data can increase by 30+ normal usage levels at peak times of disruption so that kind of load often results in traditional servers going offline at the moment most needed.

As Smartphone/Tablet adoption is growing so the expectation for the availability of data so uTrack can provide Apps or the API’s for App Developers to build top of the data without concerns over infrastructure.  


Faster Deployment/Rollout (Hardware & Software Independency)

 uTrack has rolled out solutions within 2 weeks leveraging existing hardware in vehicles and data feeds. This fast deployment and agile development process provides our Clients with the speed and flexibility never experience before.   
 Our unique experience of working with a lot of different companies has enabled uTrack to build a suite of integration tools and apps that facilitate rapid deployment. 
  The uTrack philosophy is to applied the best technology for the problem so using Enterprise JAVA for back-office processes, Ruby/PHP/AJAX/jQuery for web based tools and coding Mobile Apps in their native languages insures success.


Easy Access to Company Information

Security is a priority for uTrack as a Cloud based solution. We value our reputation for protecting our Clients data and uTrack is a permissions based solution that requires each user has their own unique login. Access controls are done by through the uTrack Help Desk so all changes are audited and approved inline with internal IT policies.

This process is manual to insure that there’s a human approval before access is changed, once access is available the user is able to communicate via the uTrack Help Desk for general support related queries. Agent accounts are provided to your IT department and business rules with automations insure that all requests are routed correctly.

Monthly reports are available to insure SLA’s are met in relation to response and resolution times.




Return on Investment


 uTrack delivers a lot of intangible benefits to our Clients but the ROI comes from efficiencies and increased ridership every uTrack client experiences.
Running more effective marketing campaigns comes from customer profiling and better customer service leads to improved reputation.


Know your Business – Monitoring


Get real control of your business with uTrack. Our monitoring gives you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your transportation business. Giving your staff the tools to proactively manage your services will change the culture within your business.



 Immediately impacts on the culture of your business as Punctuality leads to Passengers and Profitability.