Benefits for Passengers

We’ve taken a very Passenger focused approach to our solutions by identifying every day problems faced by Passengers. By tracing the root causes for the Transport Company and providing the right tools to help provide a better service we’re seeing really positive results and some of the reasons why include:



More On-time Services (at every stop)


uTrack monitors every services and every stop to provide the best possible schedule adherence data. We understand that most transport providers focus on initial departures, end arrival times and sometimes stages en route to help plan an efficient use of vehicles but often it’s the timings stops in between that can be very inconsistent.  
How uTrack works is by identifying anomalies on timetables/schedules based on historical performance and we generate suggested timetable that helps operators run a more accurate service. This doesn’t affect the planning of vehicles or how even how the drivers duties but just makes for more accurate timings at stops.
We have some pretty clever algorithms that figure out anomalies that can be discounted when providing a suggested timetable. An unusual spike in traffic, roadworks, freak weather and likes are some of the metrics we use when weighting how much a timing point at a stop should be changed.



Saving Passengers Time

Saving passengers time comes from the reduced time spending waiting at stops. The confidence in the punctuality of service that occurs when uTrack starts to bring accountability and improvements to stop timings is one of the first things we heard from our Clients about the positive reaction they get from their Customers.

The 2nd major reason for a reduction in Passengers waiting at stops is the quality and accuracy of the real-time information generated by uTrack. When our clients start to push real-time information to their Customers there’s a fundamental change in how they think about using their service. 
I never have to worry if I’ve just missed a Bus or if I’ve time to make it to the ATM, finish my coffee…



 Smart Traveling


With an increasing connected Passenger thanks to Smartphones there’s a lot more options for accessing travel information. uTrack provides mobile apps that factor Passengers preferences so that when there’s unexpected delays to their regular journeys they can be proactively informed and where available provided alternatives to minimise any potential delays.
From Transport Company perspective Smart Traveling is about understand how Passengers use their services and where there’s liable to be issues.

Usage trends and patterns provide real insight into how timetable and route changes impact Passengers as well as opportunities for expansion and optimisation. 


Promoting Sustainability

Public Transport has many benefits for Passengers but one of the big goals of uTrack is to create awareness of the sustainability of Buses, Coaches and Trains. The environmental benefits are significant and it’s something we try to highlight in any of our customer facing solutions. Generating a Carbon emission comparison is one simple but effective way to drive awareness.

Sustainability has to be one of the biggest benefits to communities that opt to use Public Transport



 Saving Passengers Money

With ever increasing direct costs such as fuel, insurance, parking and the indirect costs of lost productivity there’s never been a more financial incentive to switch to Public Transport.

 The real savings are huge when you factor all the costs of not using Public Transport.


uTrack gives Passengers the tools to fundamentally change their experience of Public Transport and to engage with the transport provider like never before.