Benefits for Local Authorites

Using the latest technology uTrack has built a proven software platform for Transport Companies to grow ridership and run a more efficient business. The same technology can benefit Local Authorities & Passenger Transport Executives (PTE’s) both with their contract services and commercial services in their area.

uTrack can power Real-Time Passenger Information data feeds for the Web, Mobile, Kiosks and Digital Signs/Displays so Passengers are accessing better information on service reliability across all the major channels.


Provide better planning Tools



What if you had the tools to analyse every service in your region? How quickly could you implement changes that impacts Passenger.

Getting access to the right tools is a key part in the successful management of a transport network. uTrack’s Dashboard software has modules to manage services in real-time and analyse historical data to identify punctuality patterns or trends.

These tools are provided as part of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution so there’s regular updates based on the feedback of all our Clients so new features benefit every user and there’s no need to worry about updates or new license costs. The service is provided as part of one flat monthly fee.


Take Control of your Data


By providing a complete API stack for accessing your data, it’s never been easier to share your information internally and with 3rd Parties when required for use with Mobile Apps, Websites and Stop/Station Displays.

Why be locked in by proprietary systems when open standards give you the control you need?



Form greater partnerships with your Bus Companies


Public Transport is about building a relationship with your Customers to encourage loyalty and regular ridership.

Insuring quality of service should be a top priority for Local Authorities and using uTrack can help the working relationship with the Transport Companies in their area.

By providing transparency on reliability data means you can act quickly to identify issues that impact punctuality such as roadworks, congestion, new junction layouts etc.

Contracted Services can be monitored to guarantee service delivery so they can be retained based on quality of service.


Increase usage on your transport network


The most prevalent drivers of dissatisfaction are ‘on-bus journey time’, ‘safety of the driving’, ‘smoothness/ freedom from jolting’, and ‘length of time waited all things that uTrack can help reduce and eliminate in some cases.

Two key aspects of punctuality are the expected duration of a bus journey as well as the time spent at a stop are directly related to what uTrack can monitor by tracking reliability at every stop relative to schedule.





Accurate data on schedule adherence


uTrack can deliver full coverage of all services at every stop in real-time which provides infinitely better information that a sample from inspectors with clipboards.

The History & Reports modules in the uTrack Dashboard provides in depth data about every schedule service including historical punctuality trends and anomalies due to weather conditions.

This data is available in the uTrack Dashboard Modules is also available for integration into 3rd Party systems such as BI tools for big data analysis.


The right information at the right time changes everything we do.