Analytics & Business Intelligence

Analytics & Business Intelligence Tools

Our team at uTrack understands the significant and huge business benefits that can be obtained by utilizing analytics and intelligent business systems. We work with a range of quality Companies to provide the most up-to-date and useful systems to maximize the power of good business intelligence. The savvy operator is the one who understands the customer, and – even better, the potential customer.

For example, we are using mobile app data to identify new customer streams on established bus services, and been able to create extremely accurate customer profiles and, accordingly, structured marketing campaigns.

Some Key Features Include:


Live Analytics

Monitor how Customers use your Services as Live Analytics identifies potential spikes in demand or possible operational issues on the day instead of dealing with complaints about issues in the past.



Historical Analytics

Identify usage trends and patterns based on key metrics of time, day, location and how they compare when there are anomalies like flooding, road closures, rail strikes and more.



Suggested Timetables

By using BI Tools from uTrack you can now optimise key areas of your business like never before. Tools like Suggested Timetables that are based on historical trends can eliminate the guess work and improve punctuality at every stop.


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