Advanced Reporting

Bus Service Reports

The Advanced Reporting from uTrack is a complete solution for transport companies to monitor their Service Punctuality via Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Excel reports, PDF management reports and a Reports module in the Dashboard Software.

Managers and Planners can now make informed decisions on how to improve timetables and running boards and make general scheduling efficiencies.

Some Key Features Include:


Arrival Performance

Arrival performance relates to the arrival time at every stop along a route. The first stop is monitored twenty minutes before departure to ensure that the vehicle is in position at the scheduled departure time. The arrival times are used as one of the metrics it the “uTrack Score” algorithm.



Stop Analysis

Every stop on a given route is monitored and scored to help identify incorrectly located stops, errors in timetables, delay patterns at certain stops, headway issues along routes, and missed stops. This data can be used when adjusting timetables based on real-world performance.



Service Score

To help identify particularly poorly performing routes/services each is scored based on punctuality at all the stops. This also helps to identify the most reliable routes, and compare revenue growth as punctuality improves.



Reports Summary – Excel

uTrack generates Daily, Weekly and Monthly Excel reports that can distributed via SharePoint, Box, Dropbox and email. These reports contain detailed sheets on all key aspects of your business, with an initial Summary sheet that shows a high-level view of schedule adherence performance, including adherence based on license requirements (such as Traffic Commission Standards in the UK).



Overall Performance

Overall Performance is available in the Performance module in the uTrack Dashboard software. It allows Senior Management to analyse the uTrack Score performance across their entire operation with options to filter by date ranges, times of the day, day of the week, specific services, drivers and more.



Depot Performance – Excel

The Depot Performance reports in uTrack provide local managers with the tools needed to identify key problems with schedule adherence, initially through a high-level summary sheet that’s linked to additional sheets on services, drivers, vehicles and a breakdown of each service in both directions, and how they compare to the scheduled timetables.




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