Well my friends the dust has finally settled on what was quite simply an extraordinaire 2016, where massive shocks and surprises were the order of the day with Brexit and Trump shocking many. It was also a sad year with the passing of many of the great and the good who all contributed one way or another in making life easier and happier.

But, all of that is now behind us and we embark back on the roller coaster that is life and work and all the joys and challenges that go with it. I have to say that I am relishing the business opportunities that are around the corner in 2017, across all my diverse business interests.

I was very fortunate to enjoy a very relaxing and enjoyable time over Christmas and the New Year with friends and family, although I do not know about you but time has a strange way of distorting itself. I lose track of which day it is and some days pass really fast while others seem to drag on way beyond 24 hours. But the key thing is that you get time to spend with those that you want to be with.

However like all of us, the time comes when you say to yourself time to get up and crack on and that process started for me this week when the team from uTrack hit the ground running with a range of positive meetings with key clients.

In addition for myself I see 2017 as a great year for the activities of the CILT across a range of  Forums and sectors and I am personally looking forward to developing some new initiatives around both bus and coach activities as well as the Safety and Logistics Forum.

The businesses in Poland last year exceeded our expectations significantly and the team has never been so big nor had so many great contracts with highly respected Companies and clients across a broad range of Industries and I am looking forward to returning there soon to develop our plans for 2017 and beyond.

So, my friends some great times ahead and I hope that this year you enjoy success in what ever you do and that you have a healthy and prosperous year ahead.